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All that being said, we want to stress how important fairness, environmental justice and sustainability is to our company.

Obviously, we want to push forward a message of love, against all odds. But we also intend to highlight the power of diversity, humanity, and again, sustainability.

What’s marriage ? What’s a wedding ? It is a day chosen by two people to shout to the world their love for each other. Boy meets girl. They fall in love, they can’t see their lives without one another. They want to step into this new stage of their lives surrounded by the people dearest to their hearts. We want to make this dream come true.

Why do we do that ?

Because we believe that in order for everybody to thrive, we can’t be selfish. We can’t just plan events, not thinking of the world and people around us. We want to do our parts and leave a place that future generations can also enjoy.

How can a wedding be sustainable and fair?

- By using recycled paper for our flyers and promotional pamphlets

- By donating part of our proceeds to, which fight for environmental justice by planting trees.

By working with and donating to “les restos du Coeur”

- By gifting people in need with presents from Unicef, which focuses on education for children all over the world.

You can also choose an association from the list below
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